Man vyshyvanka “Podillya”

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The "Podillya" shirt is a stylized men's embroidered shirt with ancient ornaments from Eastern Podillya. The shirt is made of white linen fabric and adorned with a blue embroidery of a textured, voluminous appearance. Rhombuses and squares in the patterns symbolize fertility, masculine strength, and material well-being. The blue threads combine the energy of the sky and water, considered a powerful talisman. The garment has a straight cut, a standing collar, and tasseled ties at the neckline. The embroidery technique is satin stitch. Composition: linen fabric, wool threads. Delicate washing up to 30°C. The embroidered shirt suits both classic and casual outfits, feels pleasant against the skin, and fills with positivity.

Size: XS
Fabric color: White


    Shirt “Podolyanka” -stylized women’s embroidery with an old ornament of the Western Podillya. The shirt is made from natural linen fabric of milk color and decorated with colored woolen threads, but the dominant color is nevertheless the black, characteristic color of the embroidery of this region. Embroidery differs from others in its color and fascinating beauty.

    Symbols of embroidery:

    The basis of embroidery is formed by complex combinations and alternations of various figures: rhombus, “straight” and “oblique” cross, broken line, various triangles, enclosed in a geometric pattern, create a powerful energy amulet. The stars embroidered on the forearm with an endless striped pattern are a symbol of order and harmony. Vertical stripes on the front of the shirt are a characteristic feature of the embroidery patterns of the Podolsky region. They symbolize the protection of the soul from the evil eye.

    Details: free cut, sleeve “raglan”, collar-stand and has ties – brushes on the neck,

    The technique of embroidery is a cross.

    Composition: linen fabric, thread-wool.

    Features: delicate washing at a temperature of no more than 30 C.

    Ideal for men’s embroideries “Podillya”.

    Women’s embroidery “Podolyanka” is perfectly combined with trousers, skirts, jeans. We recommend: experimenting, selecting various ornaments and accessories, in any case you will always look stylish and bright.

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