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Bordeaux is a royal color for a luxurious and ambitious lady who captures all eyes. Inspired by a princess at heart, we created an exquisite dress from Bordeaux natural fabric, adorned with embroidery in golden, red, and pink threads. The floral and heraldic motifs embellish the sleeves and pockets. This dress combines Ukrainian embroidery, European character, and modern vision, making it comfortable and elegant, striking with both flats and heels.

Size: XS/S
Fabric color: Bordeaux


Claret is a royal colour created for a gorgeous and ambitious lady. The one that enters the room and catches all looks around. The one that always gets what she wants.

Inspired by every single female that is a princess deep in her heart and someone’s thoughts, we created an intricate dress. First, we chose the unsurpassed claret tone of high-quality fabric. Then, we adorned the attire with elaborate embroidery with golden, red and pink threads. A floral and heraldic pattern decorated the puffed sleeves and pockets.

This way, we combined the Ukrainian embroidery, European traits and modern vision in one dress. What is more, its design implies the preferences of capricious female royals. That is why the fabric of the item is pleasant to touch and its cut is loose and comfortable. The gown is worn wrapped like a robe, has a belt and sleeves fastened with wavy cuffs. On top of that, it looks the same glamorous either with flat shoes or high heels. 

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Embroidery color
S prysmakom Skhodu
Vechernie platja
Sleeve length
Long sleeve
Type of textile

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