Embroidery dress "Vladarka" claret

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She who loves and knows how to rule deserves the finest attire. The color of power – burgundy, chosen by princesses and queens, empresses and consorts across the globe. It suits spirited Ukrainian women. The "Ruler" dress with its embroidered adornment, executed in cream and dark burgundy threads, beautifully accentuates a proud stance and a leadership character. Lavishly embroidered voluminous sleeves gathered with small cuffs highlight the delicacy of slender wrists. The interplay of floral ornamentation captures the gaze of Ukrainian embroidery enthusiasts and people of impeccable taste.

Size: XS/S
Fabric color: Bordeaux


    The best clothes are meant for the one who loves and can reign. The colour of power – claret is chosen by princesses, queens and empresses all over the world. It ideally suits moody Ukrainian females as well. Vladarka with embroidered decoration made with milky and deep claret threads, perfectly enhances the proudy posture and leading temper. The puffed sleeves are adorned with abundant embroidery and are gathered with small cuffs to accentuate tender thin wrists. The mingling floral ornament attracts looks of Ukrainian embroidery connoisseurs and people with flawless taste.  

    Alongside the unsurpassed embroidery, the dress Vladarka inspires admiration for its design as well, and the model’s name appropriately proves it. It is airy-like to make you feel weightless but reserved and concentrated at the same time. The belt shapes the silhouette accentuating the thin waist and seductive curves of the bust and hips. The décolleté area is closed, there is just an elegant embroidered lace here. The dress is 11o cm long. It would make your usual day brighter and would cheer you up when you put it on a festive occasion – you just need to match it with suitable shoes and jewelry.   

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