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Embroidered dress Molfarka milk

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Fabric color: Lactic


    Embroidery embraces the dress with a beautiful pattern and interesting ornaments to catch the eye, creates a cherished spirit of holiday, lightness and femininity. It is the main decoration of clothes and conveys an important symbolism – this is the custom which comes from the ancient times and results in a good tradition of Ukrainian embroidery. The same task is concealed in the embroidery which decorates the dress “Molfarka”. 

    The embroidery is placed in the bust area which is a classic decision, in the lower part of the skirt which falls down in a beautiful way. Combined together, they create an inimitable and harmonious ensemble. It seems as if these ornaments were independent of each other but they are closely connected and match each other at the same time.

    The peculiarity of the embroidery on the dress “Molfarka” is that it is crafted following the motifs of the authentic technique which is known as the embroidery of Cossack leaders. There can be elements of such techniques as crosses, satin stitch and others. One more peculiarity is in the threads utilized. Golden and silver threads (sukhozlatka), silk and cotton threads (zapoloch) were used for luxury clothes in the 17th- 18th centuries. They made the outfits not only more beautiful but more expensive as well. 

    As for the performance, the dress perfectly matches geometric ornaments and floral motifs, radiate positive vibes, creates a good mood and an imitable look. 

    The dress “Molfarka” possesses magic properties as it turns a woman into a mysterious lady in a moment, light, elegant and seductive. Decorated with authentic Ukrainian embroidery, it celebrates and enhances the female beauty. 

    The dress is crafted from high quality materials – linen and guipure (sleeves of milky hue). A long skirt, precise waist line, light and puffed sleeves picked up with an elegant cuff on the wrist – the dress is designed to enhance your femininity and to hide flaws. This model will become a good addition to any day: a holiday, a working day and a pleasant pastime.

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Embroidery color
Svadebnye platja
Sleeve length
Long sleeve
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